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They Made This Trailer!


The fun never stops here on our We Made This Movie journey.

When our awesome editor Jamin Bricker became too busy to put together our trailer, Jon and I were momentarily stuck. That’s when I remembered about a year ago a then-junior, now-senior from the great Greenwich Academy (an all-girls high school in Greenwich, CT) contacted me looking for career advice on editing. Her name is Hayley Arader and I thought the pieces she had edited for school were terrific.

So Jon and I decided, since it’s a movie about high school kids making a movie, why not take a chance and let real high school kids to make the trailer? Hayley jumped at the opportunity, and my own daughters Sydney (a junior at “G.A.”) and Lucy (about to be a freshman) signed on as her assistants. (Sydney and Lucy shot all the behind-the-scenes footage, some of which is featured on the site.)

Hayley and her team have worked tirelessly before school and after school to complete the trailer and Jon and I couldn’t be happier. They did an amazing job. (I’ve learned that there’s not much Gator Girls can’t do.)

Anyway, please enjoy the world premiere of…