Now, You Watch This Movie! Access the movie and its soundtrack on iTunes! Watch Here

On September 20th, with over 650 attendees in NYC, we hosted our We Made This Movie big-time Hollywood premiere – and, our friends on the Web were invited to watch for free! Check out the fun below!

Red Carpet Photos

See all the celebrity arrivals!

Well Wishers

Watch our celebrity friends sending good luck messages to producers Rob and Jon.

WMTM In The Media

Here's our team as they hit the talk show circuit for the premiere!

WMTM Soundtrack

Listen to the Red Bull Soundstage soundtrack now available on iTunes!

We Made This Movie is available for rent or purchase on iTunes in SD and HD viewing formats. To access the movie on iTunes click here. Download the original soundtrack to We Made This Movie on iTunes here. It features the amazing 22 tracks contributed from the Red Bull Soundstage Challenge artists.

Producers Jon Beckerman and Rob Burnett stay true to the theme of We Made This Movie by enlisting the help of a talented high-school student, Haley Arader, and Rob's daughters, Sydney and Lucy to make This Movie's trailer. Music provided by Red Bull Soundstage artists, Aunt Martha and JEFF The Brotherhood.

Rob Burnett, director, writer and producer of We Made This Movie entertains Jimmy (and us!) with stories about starting at the Late Show and the origins of "the comedy pickle". Click here to see parts 1 & 2 of the interview as they were on TV.

Here is the first televised clip of Dank (actor Arthur Meyer, writer on Late Night) hysterically and 'literally' throwing a fit as seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Click here or the image above to watch the clip.

It appears that Gayle King likes what she saw when screening We Made This Movie. Click here to see her interview with Rob Burnett on the CBS This Morning.

We Made This Movie writer & director Rob Burnett broadcasts live from New York City to Access Hollywood's Los Angeles studio to tell them all about his new film. Click here to see the full interview.

WMTM's own Rob Burnett was recently featured on the cover of the July & August 2012 issue of Serendipity Magazine where he takes us behind the scenes of We Made This Movie. Click here to read more. If you'd like to view this article as a PDF document, please click here instead. For more information on Serendipity Magazine click here.

Rob Burnett regaled guests and the Web at a recent PandoMonthly event in NYC with stories about the start of his career in late night with talk show giant David Letterman, and what's he's learning from the unorthodox process of marketing and releasing a movie online.

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Five graduating high school seniors with no prospects decide to make an outrageous comedy movie, with the hope of getting famous and escaping their depressing town.  Their leader and director, LeBron, is so confident the movie will be a big hit, he gets some geeky freshmen to follow him around with video cameras to record the “making of.”  But, by accident, the cameras begin to capture glimpses of LeBron and his friends’ actual lives, which are full of drama, and much more compelling than the silly movie they set out to make.

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